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A Super Thrilling Reality Check With “The Social Dilemma”

The Social Dilemma is a staggering docudrama to watch and it has a lot of insights to look for and take.

This film features individuals who’ve built -and helped build- most successful tech companies and social media companies (Google, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…).

These designers, founders, co-founders, and developers done their job of revealing and speaking to the public about what’s was going inside the companies they’ve been working for.

  • Seeing what my beliefs and the things I’m deeply convinced of are, questioning them if they are true was a weird leap of faith. I’ve seen that the stronger I was holding on to my beliefs, the far away I became from the truth. What is the truth?

It all began by observing what people are saying and what they are promoting on their social media feeds and channels.

For example, individuals talk a lot about wellbeing along with those who proclaim productivity guru-ness, self-development hacking… are they capable of telling the whole picture? Even if their approach to life seems to work, could there be something else missing?

  • The whole point of following a leading voice on the internet is to support what you already know to be true. But there are people who will completely disagree with you because they have their own reasons that are drawn from social media -what they expose themselves to each day . Which makes everyone feel they are right.
  • Refusing to think of what other people have to say is signing the agreement; you agree to become an aggressive alien with no one to talk to or have a meaningful discussion with, that’s a lame alien life.
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It’s scary to think of it that way, but it’s kind of what’s happening with social media.

Advertisers pay large sums of money to get their products featured in your Instagram feed (or any other social media outlet), that’s normal. Until multiply that exposure by minutes, days, and years.

Now, that new unconscious behavior you adopted pushes you to buy new products and acquire new things which would be nearly impossible without the influence of social media.

When it’s not just products that get smuggled into your awareness -but new thinking patterns, concepts, and ideas- that are in favor of harmful views, small individual conflicts begin to appear huge over time.

What’s the easiest way to control YOUR real world? By controlling how much you take away from social media.

  • Disabling all notifications
  • Using a good browser like Tor…
  • Following multiple accounts with apposing views
  • Being aware that the information you take -no matter how pure and logical it may look- can be flawed

The film left unsolved puzzles

  • Why do we see certain claims as valid and really on point while viewing the rest as irrelevant? Why do we focus on things that tell us we are right?
  • Is this how desperate we are to fight and argue? Do we all want to be noticed?

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